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I'm resigned to the fact that I'm going to be obsessed with Doctor Who through the end of the current season. Here is a lovely poll someone posted to the community. (Results as of May 8th, 2010.) My responses below.

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And my response:

You missed TARDISexual!

The Eleventh Hour: "Oh, you sexy thing!"

OK. Changes with the Doctor.

One - Is a grandfather. Possibly het.
Two - Is pretty much a kid. Asexual.
Three - Paternal to his companions. Asexual.
Four - Is a kid. Asexual.
Five - Also a father figure. Asexual.
Six - Creepy. Tried to strangle Peri. Better be asexual.
Seven - Pal. Asexual.
Eight - WTF? The Doctor kissed a woman? Het.
Nine - Rose + Jack. Bisexual.
Ten - Rose and River. Fled from Jack, but propositioned the Master twice. Bisexual.
Eleven - Is a kid. But he's going to grow up fast. Het.
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I'm on the hunt for substantive, feminist Doctor Who meta. It's on blogs all over the place, but it's hard to sort it out from the shorter response posts. Here's a start. Hope to find more.

 "Fall of the Superhero in Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars" explores the implications of heroes who gain ever-greater power, as well as their relationships with others. 2010.

Discussion of the Doctor and Taoism by Nightsky on Nov 17th 2009

"That his impulses are generally good--compassion, empathy, mercy--is kind of beside the point. In surrendering to them, he's giving in to power; and, in Taoism as in life, the people who want power are the very people who probably shouldn't have any.

"In short, the Doctor has lost his Way."{C}

Discussion of the Martha Jones characterization by theangryblackwoman on May 9th, 2007

"So Doctor Who and Torchwood get a big A+ in my book. I love watching well-written SF shows. Add the excellent way in which they incorporate non-white, non-heterosexual characters makes them even better."

Intersectional discussion of major themes of season 3 by thingswithwings on July 1st, 2007.


Discussion of the 2008 Christmas Special:

"In the end, perhaps the episode was a critique of patriarchy and feminism. Feminism that become an inflexible meta-narrative is to be rejected as it threatens to become an evil ,oppressive (and Christianity-like) system; yet the tragedy portrayed by the episode is that a real heroine (a character called Rosita, who helps many children to be saved) ends the epsiode merely as a nanny."

{C} {C}

Commentary on "The Beast Below"

{C} {C}

Discussion of book "Chicks Dig Time Lords"

{C} {C}

Discussion of episode "Midnight" by blogger Yonmei on June 15th, 2008

{C} {C}

Discussion of Donna hitting the Doctor, as domestic abuse. By Daran, May 9th, 2008.

{C} {C}

Various Doctor Who commentary

{C} {C}

Comparisons of different Doctor Who companions. Dec 15th, 2008.


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